Covid-19 Update

We are well aware of the severity of COVID-19, which has caused many people greater suffering than we have experienced. We are grateful to the medical professionals caring for patients who are sicker than us and hope that this crisis will bring out the best in people.

As the worldwide pandemic continues to grow, we have been forced to dramatically reduce our workshop operations—for the safety of our team and our community. This is because of widespread uncertainty concerning COVID-19, which has affected production timelines. You can check the shipping progress of your order at any time by contacting us. Please don’t worry - we promise to send the package as quickly as possible. Thank you for waiting!

It’s not a good time to be a small, independent product innovation company. Thank you for sticking by us while we create new line of products in the face of ever increasingly difficult challenges.

Thank you for your support, we love to hear from you. If you ever have any feedback or questions, contact us.

Stay Safe!

- Team Olivewing