The Monitor Stand Collection

Make your workspace work for you!

No matter the size of your desk setup, our Monitor Stands, also known as Monitor Risers or Desk Shelves, offer a simple solution to elevate your workspace. Our desk setup system helps declutter your desk and promotes an organized & focused environment. Upgrade your workspace today with our range of stylish and functional Monitor Stands and Desk Accessories.

Now Available in 2 sizes and 6 models!

The Large Monitor Stand Collection

Not only does our Desk Shelf system improve your ergonomics, but it also helps you declutter your desk. Keep your valuables within reach on the top surface and take advantage of the extra storage space underneath by sliding your keyboard out of the way. With our Monitor Riser, you can maximize your desk real estate and create a more organized and productive workspace. Upgrade your desk setup today!

The Small Monitor Stand Collection

Experience the best of both worlds with our compact Monitor Riser collection. We've combined all the features of our popular large Desk Shelf and condensed it into a versatile, space-saving series. This allows you to choose the pieces that best fit your needs and create a customized workspace setup that works for you.

We love how our desk setup system turned out, and we hope our products will help you craft a workspace where you can perform at your best!

Made In India

We manufacture right here in INDIA, using well-established old-world techniques combined with state-of-the-art machines to create products of the highest quality.

Made In India